Quick tutorial

Brief introduction.

In general, ChargePress is a side job, freelance and business platform with several extensive services. In this tutorial, we are going to explain how to use ChargePress for work.

For the most part, ChargePress provides a space for the different workgroups to carry out their work online. In the case when you use ChargePress to provide services (you are referred to as a seller) if you use it to look for services (then you are referred to as a buyer). In fact, you may be both a buyer and a seller without the need for separate accounts.

So, how do you get started?

  1. First, make an account with ChargePress. You’ll need an email and a password. Don’t forget to also join our newsletter so you don’t miss any important information.
  2. If you chose to be a seller you will be asked to pick a plan. There are three options depending on the features you are interested in.
    • Option one is best for people who want to showcase their services or display any adverts for a short period (a month only). It is probably best for the side hustles group. During the publication of your services, clients may contact you even outside of ChargePress. It’s a great option to increase your visibility and test your products or services quickly.
    • Option two is best for sellers who wish to work for a long time online. This plan is best for freelancers. They pay once only and can work on our site permanently they also get a significantly large amount of job posts.
    • Option three is best for businesses, companies, and organizations who’d like their services to be featured on the home page for greater exposure to the clients.
  3. If you haven’t already, join our newsletter so you never miss any pertinent information. You can now start to browse the site, orient yourself to the features and available options most are them are easy to grasp. For more information see our FAQ section or use our 24/7 chat service below.

Once you are done with selecting a package, that’s it you’re good to go!

How to use ChargePress?

Check the video tutorial here.

Basic site orientation

At the very top, there’s the navigation menu with all the major workgroups. ChargePress workgroups as you will notice are wide-ranging. You can basically offer any work within that workgroup as long as it is legal and or is not in violation of the site terms and conditions. If you are a buyer you’d want to type the service you are looking for in the search bar or browse the respective workgroups: freelancers, side hustles, side jobs, businesses, and entrepreneurs.

Next, you want to click on your account. It will show a number of options, they bolded below;

Do get familiar with the dashboard. This is where the main transactions data will show;

My Profile: It is good practice to update your profile and account details. This may be the difference between getting clients and not getting any clients at all. Therefore, for sellers, it is advised that you put a portfolio of all your best work. If you have a CV that is also great to have in your profile. It will boost your credibility. Also, add a picture, it’s nice for people to know who they are working with.

My recruitments: This option allows you to recruit workers. All you do is put the job positions and the associated details and people should flood in with their applications. It’s a very easy way to get workers!

My orders: This section is where all your job orders will be. The seller can also send custom orders as per client demands, so the person can negotiate with the seller for their services.

My jobs: This section is where all the jobs you have posted as a seller will be.  You may re-use an old job post or modify it etc.

My invoices: This part is where you check the official bill statements for each of the transactions you have made on the site. It’s good to go over it regularly so you may do your budgets accordingly.

My bookmarks: The bookmark feature is for you to save all your favorite job posts (sellers) so you can review them easily at any time.

Job verification: This is a great feature for sellers. After a set amount of good jobs done you will be given the option for verification as a seller. In other words, your jobs will have verification labels that show that you are a verified seller. However, first, the ChargePress team will personally go over your documents then if everything looks good we provide the verified status. Being a verified seller is a sure way to attract numerous customers!

My withdrawal: This section is where all the data concerning the amounts you’ve withdrawn from your account will be.

Sign out: Here is where you properly log out of your ChargePress account so nobody uses it without your authorization.

The bell icon at the top is to alert you when there are any notifications for you to check.

The comment icon represents the message area. Where you can send and receive messages with the clients, sellers or ChargePress team.

That’s it for the brief tutorial. There is definitely a lot more for you to get accustomed to however most of it is quite straight-forward. Do not hesitate to contact our team at support@betcpress.com, team@betcpress.com or through our 24/7 chat service below with any questions. Do make use of all the great tools we have here!


– We wish you the best of time on ChargePress 🙂