Who are freelance graphic designers?

They are professionals who put words, images, or graphics together to communicate an idea to a targeted set of people. Hence, they create visual content either by hand or with a computer. Usually, they work on a project by project basis. They offer their services as needed and are their own bosses. In addition, it is likely that every Freelance graphic designer has considered starting a freelance career at some point in their graphic design career.

What are the advantages of being a freelance graphic designer?

A freelance graphic designer has the luxury of choosing who they want to work for especially when they are very skilled. Also, they have more freedom and a flexible schedule that can be used to their advantage. Of course, there are many freelance graphic design jobs online and the bridge between those jobs and the right hands for them is what we are building. Beyond your designing skills, you will learn such skills as time management, negotiation, and bookkeeping.

What services do freelance graphic designers offer?

They offer the same services as any graphic designer which includes logo design, stationery design, business cards and leaflets, t-shirt design, newsletter designs, etc. One will require the services of a graphic designer if they want to create a logo for their brand, redesign the logo of their already existing business, or are creating a website. Hence, a graphic designer must be able to provide graphics that suit the purpose for which it is required. For logo design, your ability to give a design that is more unique than what a free logo maker can give increases your chances of being hired and rehired.

What do you need to become one?

Primarily, you must know your way around graphic design. Hence, you must take a course in graphic design or teach yourself. A graphic designer must be an expert in passing relevant information and affecting the perception of such by people using graphics. Hence, you will need to prove to your potential clients that you will not waste their time. To do this, you need a convincing portfolio. This does not necessarily have to be work you were paid for, a compilation of things you have created that you can use to prove your expertise is all you need. In addition, every freelancer needs a workspace.

A designated workspace helps you reduce randomness when you work. Your workspace should contain a desk, a chair, stationery, books and records, and a personal computer.

How do I get freelance graphic design jobs?

There are different sources of jobs for freelance graphic designers. For instance, you can get jobs in your locality by word of mouth. However, this is limited. Likewise, social media is another source of jobs. The simple information provided in the “Bio” section may hint potential clients that you have what they want. Sometimes, you need to send direct messages on social media or via emails to people and companies. However, companies and some highly selective individuals require that you send the applications with a resume. Charge press is a trustworthy freelancing platform online that provides an opportunity to apply for side-jobs. Thus, one simply needs to apply for a given job and wait to be awarded the contract. In addition, you only need an account to start bidding for jobs. We have different plans with different benefits. There is usually a long line of applications that make it difficult for the employer to make a choice hence your portfolio has to make a bold statement.

How much is a freelance graphic designer’s salary?

According to ZipRecruiter, a freelance platform, the average annual pay of a freelance graphic designer in the United States was $56,776 as of October 1, 2019. Your location and years experience determine how high or low the pay is.