The word ChargePress is a compound English word coined by our team of professionals and the underlying purpose idea not far-fetched. “Charge” symbolises taking a step towards action. It may also be likened to fees. “Press” relates to the media and their effective dissemination of information by proper communication in a kind of loop. The whole idea is about a move to provide solutions more readily and effectively through a network of skilled hands that will be able to communicate effectively through a kind of online community, ChargePress!

We are a team of goal-oriented entrepreneurs and service providers from very different backgrounds and professions. From a distance, it may be hard to understand how we come together as a whole to make any sense but one thing we have in common is a desire to provide solutions and meet needs wherever they occur. Charge press is about making life easier for everyone whilst providing them some extra benefit either as buyers or sellers of products and services. We enable people make some extra money by doing jobs and tasks that they probably would not have come across but for the link created by our platform.

ChargePress is your one stop platform for providing professional services for pay as a side job or for getting qualified hands to handle your business for you. Our brand name only further clarifies that we are in the business of offering our clients value through optimised communication.

The vision of the brand is to provide people with a platform to earn some more money asides their normal daily jobs and by extension provide jobs for those who do not have any or are not content with their present pay.

To achieve our vision, we seek to bring together a formidable team of experts who can carry out a wide range of tasks. These professionals are also given all the tools they need to work with. This is directed at enabling the professionals to provide services of the required quality to the clients ultimately leading to satisfaction of the clients. This is intended to make lives easier and more enjoyable.

First on our list of strategies is to secure the establishment of an online professional resource which will be the bridge between the client who needs help and the professional who is well suited to provide such help. We also communicate value to our clients in order to help them trust us, as we are able to provide them with the assistance that they need. We take public relations seriously and are doing the needful to ensure that more and more people become aware that they can find solutions or be solution providers on our website. Also, as change is inevitable, we stay committed to research and understanding the changing nature of the market. This means that we put effort into being as current as we can be.

Of our core values, we are most proud and confident of our devotion to serving our clients wholeheartedly with flexible options and innovations. We are also passionate about respecting our clients by putting them first, as without them we would be nothing. We have an unshakable faith in our work and are confident of great results all the time. We have a teamwork approach in which every member is conscious of their duties and how relevant it is to client satisfaction. We cultivate the “we” mentality as against the “I” mentality which is only concerned about personal good. Our customer care service is top notch, placing the client at the centre of attention in order to provide formidable solutions.

Our focus is immovably fixed on bringing together that community of skilled and professional service providers whose singular purpose is to provide solutions to problems; helping each other, building up each other, and growing together. Providing people with the resources and opportunities to provide and obtain solutions is what we do and we love it. The totality of our efforts is with this in mind knowing that it is a great way to provide people with a platform on which they can provide solutions and get value in return. In the end everyone is happy and satisfied and we feel the fulfillment we desire.