What is the charge press?

Charge press is a rising online freelancing platform that gives you an opportunity to apply for side jobs. A freelance graphic designer needs to have as many options as possible if they are going to be fulfilled in their freelancing career. Charge Press offers that. With skill and devotion, one can make the best of the freelance graphic design jobs provided on our site.

Where do the jobs come from?

Basically, Charge Press can be likened to a market place where some people need the services that some others provide. We provide a meeting point where your needs are met but people who need the services provided by registered members on our platform can register and post jobs.

Sometimes when we also need some services, we post jobs ere to increase the workflow. The jobs are viewed by service providers on the basis of when they are uploaded.

This means that the more recently posted jobs are seen first. You should scroll down till the last job you ever saw posted in order to get a full breakdown of what happened while you were away. The jobs available are classified and you can find freelance graphic design jobs under the design category. 

How do I build my resume?

A resume is simply a summary of your past work and achievements. It is like a passport photograph that you potential employers use to see how to fit a designer you are to offer the services they require.

If you are a logo designer, your resume should contain descriptions of your past jobs and the design file to show how well you met the employer’s expectations. A resume is a more official portfolio than one where you keep random designs that you have worked on.

It contains dates and the names of those you have worked with and it must be filled with correct information so that you do not implicate yourself. To build your resume, you simply have to work. You must apply for jobs on a regular basis. For each job that you are awarded, you should put effort into completing it and satisfying the employer.

When this is done, you get reviews from the employer which increases the trust that your future employers will have in you. You can also update your resume with these.

What should I be careful of? 

Sometimes employers desire that you discuss business on another platform other than here. We advise against this because such discussions may not end up in your favor as the employer will not be held accountable to pay you what he owes should you have completed the job. You must also give your employer the best service possible.

You must submit your work at the agreed time and with the required features that you agreed upon. Although you can design logos with a free logo maker, you might have to upgrade to a pro version or design the logos from the scratch by yourself sometimes.

Some employers prefer this as it is practically impossible to design a logo that was built from the start with a logo designer but a logo built with a logo maker can be designed from scratch. If you give employers what they know they cannot get elsewhere, they are likely to employ you and some of them may use your service again. When an employer is satisfied, they give good reviews.

How do I choose the right jobs?

We do not bar anybody from creating an account with Charge Press and so anybody can create an account and post a job but we have put measures in place to help you identify trustworthy buyers. Buyers that are not payment verified are most times best avoided. If an account is not payment verified, it may have been created by scammers.

Read through the job description and be sure that it is what you can do or learn to do within the frame of time given. It is however best to do what you are certain of. If you choose the wrong freelance graphic designer job, you might get a negative review for a job poorly done.