What is Charge Press?

We are a freelancing platform that offers buyers and sellers the opportunity to have their needs
met in a properly positioned marketplace. The services provided here are usually information
technology services and we have a team of proficient service providers ready to handle available

IT Services - betcpress, information technology services

What are information technology services?

These are services that are responsible for the management of technology initiatives. These services
include maintaining, servicing, updating, and building your systems, software, and hardware.
Information technology examples include data storage, computing, data analytics, transaction
processing, databases, content delivery, games, office productivity, business automation, and
graphic design.

What information technology services are offered on Charge Press?

We offer a wide range of services as we have a good number of freelance graphic designers, logo
designers inclusive, website designers, data analysts, etc. With an adequate description of the need
and expectations of any employer, we are certain that any information technology services that are
needed can be provided on our platform. Our platform is in such a form that employers can go
through the resume of those bidding for a job and also check reviews from past employers.

How do I know that your platform is trustworthy?

In a real sense, the only way to know is to give us a try. We have a team of devoted men and
women committed to our mission, which is cantered on bringing sellers and buyers of services
together in a marketplace with the expectation that an exchange which results in satisfaction occurs.
Bestcpress one of the Best freelancing platform for sellers as well as buyers.

Opening an account on our platform is in stages and we have a verification option. We make it clear
that it would be safer for people who use our freelance platform to only do business with verified
account holders.

We expect that the community created by our platform is one of the professionals who
will behave responsibly but we strongly advise against communicating with buyers or sellers on
other platforms. This makes it difficult for us to help should a freelance graphic designer be
swindled, for example.

What will be done if I get swindled by a buyer or seller?

We expect that such questions will be asked but would like to reiterate the importance of abiding with the rules spelled out in our terms and conditions. To finish your registration, you must agree to our terms. These terms are not in any way intended to be burdensome but to help us give you the best service. If after reading our recommendations on how best to work with people on the platform, you do the contrary and lose some money in the end, Charge Press is not bound by law to help you retrieve the money.

However, what we can do is to block the account of such a user and to prevent them from withdrawing funds. With concrete proof that you were swindled, we will only open the account of the offender if they agree to refund your money. We are unable to touch anybody’s money beyond what they permit us which usually does not exceed their payment for a membership plan.

Why should you trust us?

Our platform is heavily protected and we offer a two-factor authentication service which means only you can get access to your account unless you leak your login details. Transactions on our platform are transparent and we do not deduct any fees that you have not agreed to.

We also have a dedicated customer care team that attends to your questions and complaints as quickly as possible.

Our platform is guaranteed to give our users what they need and more. In order for sellers to further prove their skills, we have provided some tests from the basic to the advanced level. These tests are for a token and can be taken again after another payment.

We have courses for web designers, logo designers, freelance graphic designers, etc. When sellers successfully complete these courses, it is indicated on their profile and potential buyers can view them on their profiles.